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Review of SNZF47K1 Sport Diver with pics (aka Neo or Mini Monster)

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Authored by jasontking

I posted some of this info in another thread but I thought I would dedicate a thread to this very nice Sport Diver.

I purchased this Seiko 5 Sport diver after being so very pleased with my Orange Monster. I wanted another watch with similar styling but was hesitant of just getting a black Monster because I wanted a little diversity. I will refer to this watch as the Mini Monster in this review as I have seen it called that. I have also seen it called the Neo Monster, but that does not seem appropriate as the watches are really not related and Neo would suggest it is a replacement for the original which it clearly is not. Mini refers to its lesser features and not to the size.

As I am somewhat new to Seiko I thought it easiest to compare it directly to the Monster as almost every Seiko fan either owns or has owned a Monster.

How they compare -

Crystal- Both Hardex. Monster is domed, mini is not.

Size - Mini is actually a mm or 2 larger. Thickness is about the same.

Crown - Mini is not screw down, the the Monster is

Depth rating - 100M for Mini and 200M for Monster

Back - Both screw down. Monster has the nice wave design and the mini has a crystal display back.

Bezel - Both wide stainless 120 click bezels with a slight concave design. Both very smooth operation.

Bracelet - The Monster has an absolute wonderful bracelet and the mini bracelet is styled nearly the same and every bit as nice. The monster uses the pin and collar system while the mini uses split pin. Overall the bracelets are identical in weight and quality. The mini does not have a dive extension while the monster does.

Lume - The Monster is well known for its lume. Happily the mini lume is just as good. It is different however because it is white rather then greenish. As a result the lume is not as noticeable on the mini in moderate light conditions. In pure dark the lumes are equal with the mini has more of a mint green color to it. The very white color of the markers is more appropriate for the black dial and a good choice in my opinion. One thing they blew on the mini is no lume pip on the rotating bezel. What the heck?

Timekeeping- Great are both for me.

Finial word is that the "mini" is worth every penny. I paid about $122 - $15(MS Live discount) through an Ebay seller. I think this is a great watch for $150 or less. There have been some awesome deals on Orange and black Monsters lately so keep that in mind. But in my opinion the mini should sell for about $50 less then a true Monster due to the screw down crown and depth rating.

Otherwise the fit, finish and quality is every bit the same on both watches. No one that likes Seiko divers of this style would be disappointed with this watch. Tremendous value!

Here are some Pics. I am working on my Photography so they are not the best, but here you go!

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I just ordered one off of Ebay. To tell you the truth I did not expect to win the auction because I got for a very good price - I just could not bare to see somebody get it for so cheap(somebody other than me that is :) . Anyway it was $25 for shipping plus $61 for the watch - $86 all together... I could not pass up this watch for that price, I have a vintage Seiko 5 with a white face (not a diver) and I just love the watch so I am excited to get this min Monster.
I also have this one (SN#870808) but later i traded it to a Seiko AGS. i miss it. :'(
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