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Authored by Angelis
I hope that you will enjoy this review of the Seiko Knights.

Basics for all Knights (Automatics); Keep in mind that Seiko has also produced quartz and kinetic Knights:

SKXA47 ("White Knight"), AUTO
SKXA49 ("Black Knight"), AUTO
SKXA51 ("Orange Knight") rubber strap, SKXA61 ("Orange Knight") ststl bracelet, AUTO

More details:

-Seiko 7S26A movement
-21 Jewels
-Bi-directional: Singapore (2004-2005) and Malaysia (2006) movements, cased in China
-Caseback type: 7S26-01X0
-Movement: Automatic, non-hacking
-Beat rate: 21,600 bph (6 s/sec) [/font]
[font=century gothic]-Loss/gain: Less than 40 sec/day[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Diameter: 43.5 mm (w/o crown), 45 mm (w/ crown) [/font]
[font=century gothic]-Lug-to-lug: 50.5 mm [/font]
[font=century gothic]-Thickness: 14 mm [/font]
[font=century gothic]-Lug width: 15 mm [/font]
[font=century gothic]-Slight dome to crystal (Seiko's Hardlex)[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Metal-edged indices (all versions)[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Metal-edged hour/minute hand--Black Knight only, blackened edges on White/Orange Knights[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Crosshatch dial pattern (center portion of dial)--Black/White Knight only[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Second hand: [u]White Knight[/u]: is luminous circular top portion with black arm, and red-tipped; [u]Black Knight[/u]: luminous circular top portion with white arm, and red-tipped; [u]Orange Knight[/u]: luminous circular top portion with complete black arm and tip[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Beautiful coin-edge style bezel; brushed finish, luminous dot at the 12 O'clock[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Bracelet width: 23 mm, tapering to 18 mm at the clasp [/font]
[font=century gothic]-HEAVY, I would guesstimate @ 185g-190g[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Brushed bracelet links/center portion high-polished[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Integrated bracelet for added strength[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Bracelet is expensive--$84.00 at COSERV[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Pin/collar system (collar is placed in larger hole in center link)[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Diver's buckle, signed[/font]
[font=century gothic]-Diver's extension[/font]
[font=century gothic]__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________[/font]
[b]__________________________________________________ __________________________________________[/b]

I'll tell you why I am a fanatic about these particular divers, [u]the value[/u]....

I cannot believe the value for the price, it's unbelievable! These Knights feel so incredible on the wrist; they are heavy, but Seiko found a way to proportionally balance the case and bracelet.

The White Knight has a cold/steely beauty to it. The Black Knight has a classic diver look to it. The Orange Knight has a charasmatic appeal to it---an unbelievable amount of stares on the subway I have received, along with that question, "Where did you get that?"

All in all, I have had 8 Knights (3 White/3 Black/2 Orange). I now own 5 (2 BKs, 1WK, & 2 OKs), and have given 3 away as gifts to people I love.

[i]All my best, thanks for letting me rant & rave....[/i]

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