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Authored by fm-sands (6/2006)

Unveiling of an Orient Star WZ0141FD (modem burner) --->

Greetings fellow SCWF members,

I finally got some time to play with photos, uploading, etc. and so here is a brief unveiling of my first Orient Star.

Short review follows the photos.

ONE - box just opened

TWO - took out contents and look at all the goodies included, nice catalogs - thank you Katsu-san!

THREE - closeup photo of the dial

Here is a brief summary of my impressions.

The fit and finish of this Orient Star (WZ0141FD) is amazingly well done. It is far better than almost all my other watches. I like the high quality feel and heft of this case, makes me feel like I got a lot for my money.

I love the fact that this baby has a sapphire crystal, no need to worry about scratches for this one.

The dial is very nice, much better than my sorry photo is portraying. The white dial is textured and gives the watch an interesting and ever changing appearance depending on how the light falls on it.

The applied markers and the ?12?, ?3?, ?6?, ?9? markers are very nice. I like applied markers more than just painted markers. And, this is one of the few watches I have seen that has a date and 12-3-6-9 markers - usually the ?3? marker is sacrificed in order to put the date in that location.

Speaking of date locations, the fact that the date is at the ?9? location is actually a plus for me, makes this watch stand out from the crowd even more.

The crown does not screw down, but that is fine with me since this is definitely a dress watch and as such it is just that much easier to set the date/time.

This is the only watch I have ever owned that has a Power Reserve (PR), and I have to say, that I am quickly getting to like it more and more. The PR lets me know just when I need to wear/wind this watch in order to keep it going.

Given the fact that this watch is not handwindable, the PR really helps me know how much gas is left in the tank.

In my excitement I forgot to take a photo of the caseback, which is a display (see-thru) back. The movement is much better looking than that of the 7Sxx variety.

If this watch had hand-winding and hacking capabilities I would say it would really make it my all time favorite dress watch.

Bottom line: This watch is a lot of bang for your buck.

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