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Authored by busdrivermike (1/2007)

Well In the two weeks I have had it, I have been amazed at
the quality of the watch both inside and out.
Here are some quick stats: screw down crown 100m wr
size 43mm w/o crown, 46mm with crown, 14mm thick with
lug space of 23mm. (it is not small)
It uses a 23 jewel inhouse orient movement (FH 46S)
non hacking, or hand winding, but with added coplications
of a power reserve and sub seconds.
It has proven very accurate staying +2/-2 seconds of
the national weather station time for two weeks.
The power reserve also has shown it self to be accurate.
Here are a few shots

Here are some close up dial shots, I was impressed on how they polished all the inside edges of the power reserve
and sub seconds like the case edge, the indices are all
raised and polised nicely also:

Here are some movement shots, as you can see it also has been decorated:

Here is the bracelet clasp, very solid and comfortable

Here is the crown Also nicely done:

Lastly here is the lume shot, It has lume that matches
a seiko 007, it lasts all night till morning.

All in all In my opinion, Orientstar watches are an
incredible value for your dollar, the fit and finish is
easily on par with lots of swiss watches I have looked at
that cost much much more.
On top of that you get watch that has history (since 1950)
and is inhouse produced, something alot of swiss watches
cannot say.
My two favorite comments:
My watchmaker "this is an orient? how do I get one?"
My wife "that is your one of you best looking watches"
Am I pleased with my purchase yes.
If you are considering going for a star watch I say do it
it is easily more watch then you pay for.
I hoped you liked my review and I hope my photos got
some of the watch's details.

later dudes have a good night, and or day as the case may be.
p.s. I got the watch from Higuchi, a top noth seller.
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