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Review of Orient Star Classic WZ0121FD

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Review of Orient Star Classic WZ0121FD

Crystal diameter 32 mm
Bezel/Case diameter 39 mm
Case diameter w/crown 42 mm
Lug to lug 46 mm
Lug width 20 mm
Thickness 12 mm

This is a JDM model of classic design, but has some nice touches that keep the style unique. The watch is stunning and well worth the price paid. There are several models using the same case with different color options and dial textures and layouts.

The dial is white with a textured surface. The texturing adds a lot of depth and complexity to the dial creating visual interest. The interaction of the light over the surface of the texture results in a contrast on the facets of the texture. The light over the surface can give the dial the appearance of a range of colors from pure white to an off-white and almost ivory. The Orient Star emblem is above the 6 marker. It is chrome applied and sits on a part of the dial that is satin finished rather than textured. This also creates a nice contrast between the two surfaces. Double baton index markers are used at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions and single batons are used elsewhere. The markers are beveled to catch the light, but are not blingy. The date window is chrome edged and at the 9 position. There is no chapter ring and minute markers are applied directly to the dial surface. A power reserve indicator is at the 1 position. The index sweeps in an arc with the chrome index at the edge and white in the interior. The texture here is in a radial pattern, similar to a vinyl record. This also creates another point of contrast with the main dial. The indicator seems to be accurate, but I haven�t bothered to actually measure. The hands are chrome and beveled to catch the light. The hands are readily visible against the white dial due to the beveling. The second hand is interesting because it is very thin. I�d like to think this was done intentionally so as not to have the second hand dominate the attention of the dial. There is some lume on the minute and hour hands as well as small circles of lume on the dial above the index markers. There isn�t much there, so it isn�t very useful.

The case is nicely finished. There are some nice bevels on the lugs, but generally the case is of a simple design. The entire case is polished except for a small part on the top of the lugs which is brushed. The lugs actually have two hole for spring bar connection. I am not sure why as I tried to move the bracelet to the other set of holes, the end link was now flush with the lugs (see below) but the link was not secured against the case and would flip over. I can only suspect that the other set of holes may be for a strap connection to give a better appearance with that set up. I hope there is a reason for this because getting the spring bars in the correct set of holes is easier said than done. The crown is at the 4 position and is signed with the Orient Star emblem. The crown is a normal size and does not screw down. Adjustment of the hands and date is smooth. The crystal is a flat sapphire with an anti-reflective coating. The clarity of the crystal is amazing as it can completely disappear. This also provides some depth to the surface of the dial below.

The bracelet is a solid link and has solid end links. The links themselves are 3mm thick and 10mm long. The majority of the surface is brushed except for two small pipings running down the center link. The center link is also raised a little above the side links. The end links are slightly recessed from the surface of the lugs. This looked unfinished to me at first, but I am now used to it. It does add some dimension to the connection of the bracelet to the case and mirrors the similar height difference between the center and edge links of the bracelet. The clasp is small and has a two button mechanism. The Orient Star emblem is embossed on the surface of the clasp. There are two adjustment holes. I wish there was another adjustment hole, considering the size of the links themselves. I find it difficult to get the perfect fit and another hole would help. The adjustable links are held together with friction pins and these tiny springs in the center link�the pin inserts through the center of the spring. I had doubts about the reliability of this connection, but it seems to be holding up fine over two weeks of regular wear.

The movement is rated to +/-25 seconds per day and in the first two weeks of use I have noticed it to run about +15-20 seconds. Hopefully some age will slow it down a little. The movement is visible through the exhibition back. I am not sure if the window is sapphire or mineral glass. The movement is subtly decorated with stripes on the rotor and swirl marks on the plates. The Orient Star logo and OS are stamped on the rotor and filled in with a yellow/gold color.

I am very happy with this watch. I like the classic design mixed with the unusual elements like the 4 oclock crown and the date window at 9 o�clock. I have felt comfortable wearing this at work as well as with casual clothes on the weekend.
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