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Authored by busdrivermike (4/2007)

I have been looking for one of these for a while
but they are hard to find in a black dial but I did
and at a steal of a deal.
It is an interesting watch, titanium case and bracelet
and a dial that is kinda cool, with some nice printing
and depth and detail, the center reminds me off a record
the way the light plays on the detailing.

Incase some of you wonder the button at 3 is for the
date quick set
The bracelet is all Titanium, even the clasp parts
and the name and logo are cleanly stamped in
The movement is a suprise it is a 21 jewel "46G42"
non hacking no hand wind with a power reserve and
date, the suprise is the movement has some finishing
on the rotor and bridge and balance set up
I do not know if that affects the running but in 24hrs
the watch gained 2 seconds, so I would guess the extra
attention does pay off.
When a swiss company does any finishing the write about it
and charge you extra, Orient just does it.
This is what it looks like on the wrist it is the same size
as a seiko 007 but because it is a mat finish titanium
it looks smaller without shine (i think)
The bracelet though nice does not do it for me but I found
that a 20mm zulu made me happy, I think it makes the dial
pop and brings out the colors
I would show a wrist shot but ran out of file space [img]
Incase some of you are wondering I got the watch from interesting place thier also 123 holiday on
Hope you enjoyed my mini review.
If you do not own an orient, you may want to pick one up
they are a very intersting watch with history (since 1951)
and inhouse movements.

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