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Authored by Ed Tow (March 2001)

OK, my watch finally arrived today. It is an Orient 200M Diver 21J model CEM2Z004A3 with EM2Z-020 hackable, but not windable movement.

The watch comes in a black vinyl presentation case with no Orient logos present anywhere, Orient could have used a more appealing way of presenting this watch like the little pillows used on higher priced watches. Inside the watch was wrapped with a plastic bag with the inscription "Orient, High Quality Watch" mounted on a vinyl wrapped metal watch band holder. A green Orient tag with the model number was attached to the watch band along with a neatly folded instruction sheet in a green cardboard holder.

First impressions of the watch was its hefty weight and size, this is a heavy and well built watch. The black dial looks like any other black dial until its viewed for a slight angle, there you will see four horizontal folds (if i can call it that !) with semi-swirl motifs all around the dial and makes the dial look silver black when viewed at an angle, this makes the watch more classy and expensive looking. The tritium markers are accurately placed within each cardinal points, but the position of the glow paint on each of these fixtures are slightly a bit off, this is the only imperfection in detail I have noticed on this watch !

The case is finished entirely in a satin brushed finish with the expection of the underside of the case, the crown and side of the side of the bezel which are gleam polished. The unidirectional racheted bezel with engraved characters embedded with black epoxy paint is firm and precise and feels and sounds metallical when turned and not the plastical feel as found on cheaper watches. I can say this is one of the better rachet bezels I have felt on a watch of this caliber. The nothced oversized screw down crown with the orient logo is a welcome design on a diver. The stainless steel band is made of heavy links with two polished inlays going down the band which makes the watch look dressy. The quality of the links is comparable with that of my Tissot Chrono Diver, but not a as smooth as the newer Sekios or Citizens. On the locking flap is signed "Orient" and a double dolphin in a water globe on the clasp (This is Orients symbol for level 3 water resistant, their highest !)

For the several hours that I have had the watch, the luminous hands seems to hold there charge pretty well.
Overalls this a good solid watch for the money, it is more robust than the Seiko 5 Sport Diver which is only 100m water resistant ! The only thing I think could improve on is that it should have a sapphire crystal and more precise tritium paint markings.

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