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Review of Orient 200M Diver CER1A002D

Purchased Summer 2008 for $140 from AD. Gray market prices run about $100.

Case Number ER1A-A00T
Movement 48743
Crystal Diameter 31mm
Bezel Diamete 41mm
Case Diameter 41mm
Diameter to Crown 44.5mm
Lug width 22mm
Lug to Lug 47mm
Thickness 14mm

This is a review of Orient automatic 200M diver. There are three different dial colors: Blue CER1A002D, Black CER1A002B, White CER1A002W.

The dial for this watch is an iridescent blue akin to the blue Mako. It has a gloss finish and will get a nice blue line through it when a strong light source shines on it. It looks really cool when my dining room chandelier with 6 lights shines on it. There are numbers at positions 12, 6, and 9 with index markers at the other hour positions. All are lumed and white in color and trimmed in chrome. There is a date window at 3 which is also trimmed in chrome. The Orient emblem with the words Orient Automatic are below the 12 and Water Resist 200M are above the 6. All letters are white except the 200M which is red. Minute markers are applied directly to the dial and there is no chapter ring. The second hand is tipped in red and has a spot of lume. The minute hand is straight and pointed at the end. The hour hand is wider than the minute hand and arrow shaped. The lume on the hands and dial is adequate. It is not a flashlight, but once charged, it is visible through the entire night.

The crystal is mineral glass and has a slight dome shape extending above the bezel. The bezel is the same color blue as the dial and is also curved. There is a white triangle at 12 with a lumed pip. There are 60 clicks to the circuit with good action and unidirectional movement. My only complaints with this watch lie with the bezel. The markers on my bezel do not line up correctly with the index on the dial and is off by about � click. This doesn�t bother me too much, my could be an issue with others. Also, it is not easy to get a good grip on the bezel to turn. You can get a grip on the notches, but there are small shrouds at 2, 5, 7, and 11 so you can only get about a quarter of a turn at a time.

There are shoulders at the corners which give a cushion case feel. These corners have 2 bevels and end at a point at the lug. As described above the case extends slightly above the bezel to make a small shroud at the 2, 5, 7, and 11 positions. The top of the case corners are brushed and the sides of the case are polished. The crown is a screw down with no crown guards. The case back is also screw down. There is a nice engraving of two dolphins swimming in a circle on top of a wave background. The Orient emblem is located on top of the engraving and 200 is located below.

The bracelet is a nice solid link of about 4mm thickness. It is an oyster style with the middle link composing the majority of the width. The end links are hollow. The links are connected with regular split pins. The clasp has a push button deployant with a fold over safety. The Orient emblem is nicely engraved. There are three microadjustment holes. The top of the bracelet is brushed and the edges are polished.

The movement does not hack or handwind. It has exhibited considerable accuracy. Maybe +5 to 7 seconds a day, but has some positional variance and will run slow with the crown up. The watch will run fast through the day and putting it to sleep with the crown up will reel it in. If it is running slow, it will run fast with the dial up. By changing the position of the watch, it has kept time with a quartz watch for about 6 weeks now.

This is an impressive watch for the entry level price. It is a solid build with no feeling of cheapness. I feel comfortable wearing this watch both at work in a business casual environment as well as with completely casual attire on the weekends. I highly recommend this watch.
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