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Authored by fm-sands (6/2006)

Greetings fellow SCWF members,

After all the kind and encouraging words you gentlemen had for my last unveiling, here I go again.

As you can see, the bug has bitten me hard and this time a Credor was added to the stable.

This watch is no longer in production, so I had to search for a used example. With the great help of Seiya he managed to help me obtain this incredible Credor from Japan. Thank you very much Seiya-san! I hope you recover and get back to health.

This watch arrived a while before Seiya took ill, and I had been sitting on the photos while learning how to fiddle with the photos, resize and host them.

Without further ado, here is my unveiling of my first Credor.

Review/my impressions follows the photos.

ONE - Plastic EMS bag arrives, hmm, I wonder what is inside?

TWO - I cut the bag open and there is a white box.

THREE - Oh, this is fun, a box within a box! Packaging is outstanding.

FOUR - My hands are trembling with excitement, this yellow box is heavy. I can barely hold back long enough to take photos, I am that eager to see the contents.

FIVE - Ta da! The phoenix has landed!

SIX - I have to say that everything I have read on the Credor Phoenix in the SCWF is true, this watch is a very high quality machine. As my photography skills improve I hope to share better photos of this beauty with all of you.

Here is a short narrative of my impressions of the Credor Phoenix GCBR993.

The Fit and Finish:
This Credor has a fit and finish that exceeds that of even the Orient Star that I like so much. Even the Credor leather strap has a refined feel, not like cheap/stiff leather at all.
Although the Phoenix cost a lot more than my brand new Orient Star, I still feel that I am paying for more than just brand name. There is substance to this watch.

The Dial:
The dial is excellent, and my poor photography skills do no justice to the lucrative and hypnotizing black pool. This is no ordinary black dial, no sir! It almost feels like I am looking at black mercury/quicksilver.

The markers are applied and the lume fills in the ?pool? created by the markers.

I like how the minutes are put on the outside edge of the markers, and what is even more subtle but enjoyable, are the tiny red dots that are on ?top? of each marker.

And the thin crosshairs that divide the dial into four quadrants is something that adds a plus in my book.

The Crystal:
This is sapphire and that is definitely what I like in a crystal.
It has a magnifying cyclops over the date at the 3 o?clock position - another first for me, I have never before owned a watch with a cyclops.
I think that right now I could go either way with the cyclops.
A couple of decades ago I would not have liked it, but now as my eyes age and small fonts are getting more difficult to see, I think that the scales are tilting in favor of the cyclops.

The Crown:
The crown screws down and it has a black stone of some sort at the very tip. I do not know what the black stone is composed of, but it compliments the dial and makes the crown really feel high class.

The Movement:
Here we are talking about the 8L75 movement - again a first for me. This is the best Seiko movement I have owned, and it sounds like a fine V-12 purring when it winds automatically.

I also am jazzed that it is hand windable. Compared to the handwinding of the my Alpinist 4S15, this 8L75 is like butter.

Oh, and did I mention that this movement hacks? Yes it does, and I feel like this watch is a mechanical marvel.

The Hands:
I am in love with these hands, I like the shape of the minute and hour hands - with ?skeleton? effect near the center and then nice spear shapes at the tips. There is plenty of lume on the hands so that at night it is a breeze to see the time.
(Sorry guys, no lume shots at this moment, in the future I will be experimenting with lume shots.)

As for the second hand, I like the red tip and tiny lume, and best of all, this movement must be ?hi-beat? because it sweeps even more smoothly than my Alpinist 4S15 second hand, and that one is smooth.

As I am getting to spend time with different watches, I am slowly discovering that I have peculiar likes and dislikes. And here is one that the Credor brought to home for me - I like the characteristic of the minute and second hands where both are long enough to overlap with the minute indexes.

The Caseback:
Once again in my excitement I forgot to take a photo of the caseback, which is a regular (not display) back with an elegant image of a Phoenix.

Bottom line:
This watch is refined and strikes a nice balance between sporty and dressiness.

The fact that it has the 8L75 movement inside, makes it a great value for the money because the only other watches in production (that I know of) that have the 8Lxx movement in them are the:

Seiko Prospex Marine Master SBDX001 (has the 8L35, lists for 230,000 Yen)

Seiko LandMaster SBDX007(has the 8L35, lists for 280,000 Yen)

Seiko Brightz SAGL001 (has the 8L21, lists for 140,000 Yen)

Seiko Brightz SAGL003 (has the 8L21, lists for 150,000 Yen)

As always, I am here to learn and share my love for Japanese watches.
If any of you spot anything inaccurate, please let me know so I can stand corrected.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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nhoJ said:
Authored by fm-sands (6/2006)

The Dial:
The dial is excellent, and my poor photography skills do no justice to the lucrative and hypnotizing black pool. This is no ordinary black dial, no sir! It almost feels like I am looking at black mercury/quicksilver.

The markers are applied and the lume fills in the ?pool? created by the markers.
an excellent review, and a great description of that dial. i own the bracelet version of this (the GCBR997) and i have never seen anything like the dial and markers on this watch. the dial is deepest black and so glossy as to appear almost liquid, and the markers are gracefully shaped and generously sized. it is as easy to read at night as it is beautiful in the day.

if through some horrible twist of fate i was forced to do away with all but one of my watches, this is the one i would keep. but i pray that day never comes!
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