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So after about 6 weeks of ownership, I can say that I am still very happy with this watch is a favorite and sees regular wear. The radio reception is outstanding. I can only recall a single failed automatic recpetion and there was a bad storm that night. I have also had successful manual syncs in the morning and evening hours when reception is not expected to be good. In my experiences this Citizen has superior reception than the Casio RC models I have owned (CasioWaveceptor and G Shock) even in side by side tests. As always with radio controlled watches, your mileage may vary.

Misses....I still think the clasp is weak but I try not to think about it. Not implying failure, its just that I know it could be better and doesn't match the quality of the bracelet. Lack of LCD backlight for the timer, stopwatch and alarm setting functions is annoying. Also the date is only displayed during CAL mode and obviously comes at the expense of displaying the second time zone. Unfortunately the date displayed is that for the city selected for the second time zone. So to display your local date, you need to have both time zones set to the same city. If you normally display a second city time zone and you just need to check the date, you have to remember if the second city is normally in the same day as you. Lastly, the hands don't move out of the way if they are in the way of the LCD display. This isn't a problem for me, but may be for others. I have thought of a simple work around where by you switch the time on the hands with that of your second time zone your function and then simply switch the time back.

For me the misses are minor, but I thought I would point them out for others reading this and potentially making a decision to buy. If you like multi function quartz and live in range of one of the atomic transmitters, this is the watch for you. Even if you can't get reception, it is still a super watch.

Also below is a good demonstration of the use of the slide rule.
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