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Review: Citizen BL5373-53E

Authored by: DougFNJ

Citizen BL5373-53E Rose Gold Diver Chrono

I've been meaning to review this watch for a while. The CitizenBL5373-53E is a large Chrono Diver that is constructed of solid Rosegold tone 44mm stainless steel case and brushed and polished stainlesssteel bracelet. It's got a solid rotating bezel, and features 24 hourtime on the 10 O'Clock dial 60 minute stopwatch that measures to 1/10thsecond on the 2 O'Clock dial, and changes modes on the 6 O'Clock dial.The modes offer the Chrono, 2nd time, and alarm. The date is located atthe 4 O'Clock position and is a perpetual Calendar. This is a highlyfunctional watch and is very sharp looking. Eco-Drive charges thebattery through the solar powered face and offers powersave mode toconserve the life of the battery. It's got a 270 day power reserve, andgives a low power indicater. The functions are automated, this watchdesign was very well thought out.

I own 2 Citizen watches, and there is a feature they have in thesewatches that I really appreciate. You first notice it when the watchwakes up out of powersave mode. The timekeeping springs to life whenthe hands automatically move to the correct time. You also see thiswhen moving to the alarm and 2nd time. When setting the time, it is notlike your normal setting where the hands move with the rotation of thecrown. The hands on this watch move a minute at a time when rotatingthe crown a notch at a time. When you rotate it a couple of turns, thehands automatically move forward or backward until you turn the crownagain, then you can set it a minute at a time again. Another nicesetting feature is if you are calibrating with another watch, pullingthe crown to set it automatically brings the second hand to zero.

The right side of the watch gives a protected crown, and a button aboveand below it. The top button starts the stopwatch on Chrono mode. Along press resets it. The bottom button in Chrono mode has the 2O'Clock dial display how many tenths of a second.

The left side is just nicely polished and you really see the thickness of the watch.

It uses a fold over clasp with button release and feels nice andsecure. It closes with a nice sturdy click. It is nice and thick,dosen't feel cheap at all.

It has a polished mirror finished screwback with Citizen Eco-Drive stamped on the back.

For the size and weight, this watch feels very comfortable on thewrist. Like I said, it is solid, its big, but not ridiculously big. Itis very easy to read, the lume is ok, not at Seiko standards, it isbright, but it dosent last long.

In conclusion, I am very happy with this watch. I can't say is just absolutely SOLID. The face is nicely decoratedwith a rose gold numeric number 12. the 2 O'Clock and 10 'OClock dialsand date are outlined with Rose Gold accent, the 6'Oclock dial markingis Stainless Steel colored. The markers are also Rose Gold accentedwith lume inside.

The interesting thing about rose gold is the coloring is very brasslike. The brushed finish does not make it shiny at all, and thepolished areas are subtle. Although it is gold, it is not "blingey" atall. The second hand hits the marks spot on, the only negative I couldthink of is the Chrono dial hand is a little short, so if you need toknow precisely the minute it is on, you have to really look. Other thanthat I have been very happy with this watch.

If gold is completely not your thing, this watch IS also avalable in Stainless Steel with Blue Face, that model is BL5370-51L:

or a 2 tone version with white face BL5374-51A:

Thanks for looking
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