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Review: Citizen Ana-Digi Temp JG2081-57F

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Authored by: MINIDriver


The Ana-Digi Temp lineup was one of the most popular watchesmanufactured by Citizen Watch Co in Japan. These watches offered both,analog and LCD digital displays, plus a full array of functions such asdual time, alarm, chronograph, ambient temperature sensor and displayback lighting. These Citizens were considered to be a technologicalbreakthrough when they were first introduced to the market in 1978.Compact, lightweight, durable, accurate and very futuristic in bothdesign and feature set.

The Citizen Ana-Digi Temp watches were mostly marketed in Asia, Europe,South/Central America, Australia and other parts of the world. However,these watches were never (As far as I am concerned) sold officially bythe Citizen AD network in the United States and Canada. In 23 years ofliving in the United States, I have never seen a Citizen Ana-Digi tempsold in a local AD's display case.

I have owned a few Ana-Digis before, including a couple of fairly rareearly models. My last Ana-Digi was the widely popular "1980's Squared"JG2000-59F all stainless steel watch. That watch was given to me by myparents as a B-Day gift when I was 13 years old (And still living inSouth America) and kept it for the next 25 or so years. I absolutelyloved that watch and got many compliments on it. I did everything andanything with it. School, college, first jobs, vacations, etc. Thatwatch took a beating to say the least:

Sadly, earlier this year, my May 1980 build date JG2000-59F finally"kicked the bucket" and so I set on in finding a suitablereplacement..... Preferably another brand new Ana-Digi Temp.

Lucky me, although Citizen stopped making these watches in the early2000's, my initial internet searches found several retailers stillselling new-old stock watches (NOS) and not only that, but a fairamount of model variants that Citizen offered through the years (Allpriced between US$100-US$150). I was happy and relieved! I could stillget my hands on what essentially is now a cool retro-future watch brandnew in its box, with tags, papers and warranty.

Knowing availability for this watch, then the question was.... Whichone to get? Another JG2000-59F with an updated movement with 100 yearauto-calendar? Or instead get the same watch but with a more modern andup-to-date case, crystal and bracelet design?

As much as I loved my JG2000, that watch is simply too small by today'sstandards.... The case was 31mm wide and only 3-4mm thick (Back in the'80s the trend of men's watches was for small/thin cases). The braceletwas even thinner. Looks like a funky women's watch[img]

So I kept looking and that search lead me to my brand new NOS Citizen Ana-Digi Temp JG2081-57F:


The watch

The JG2081-57F was the "farewell" model for the Ana-Digi lineup.. Myparticular sample, appears to have been manufactured in August, 2000 ifgoing by the first 2 digits of the serial number:

This is a very handsome looking watch and it is a clear improvementover my old JG2000 in many areas. For starters, this watch featuresCitizen's battery operated Cal. 8988 Quartz Ana-Digi movement with thefollowing features:

- Hourly Chime
- Classic LCD displays (3 of them as you can see for time, seconds and function select window display)
- Dual analog watches, labeled A1 and A2 (1 for second time zone andthe other acts as a seconds hand or can be set as a third time zone)
- Dual time display
- 1/1000 sec Chronograph with Lap function
- Lighted LCD displays (Old school type of lighting by the way)
- 100 year auto calendar (From 1999 until 2099)

The watch case is very pleasing to the eye and touch as you can see on this wrist shot:


It features brushed stainless steel sides all the way up and down tothe bracelet lugs. In the inner portions surrounding the crystal, youget polished areas that give the watch a very distinctive look. Thecrystal itself is mineral Hardlex and it is domed. I love this aspectof the design as domed crystals are somewhat rare in digital watchesand especially, watches of this vintage


The face of the dial is dark charcoal with very clear and easy to readmarkings for the different functions and displays. There are 4 pushbuttons around the case and these are polished as well:

The bracelet links are also show a brushed finish and the clasp is a rather flimsy fold over with safety push button design:

The bracelet design itself is very nice and contemporary. The firstlinks are tampered but the links itself are a little on the light sideand the bracelet itself rackets quite a bit. Not too much to drive younuts, but if you are used to today's "beefier" SS bracelets you'llprobably find this one to sort of bring down the quality of the watch.Still, and to be perfectly fair, the finish on the bracelet isexcellent and it is very comfortable to wear on my 6.5 inch wrist:

The watch itself is very light. You would think it is made of Titanium,not Stainless Steel. By Comparison, a new Citizen Eco-Drive PromasterSST will feel like Goliath right next to this Ana-Digi Temp.

Some measurements.....

The case is 45mm at its widest middle point. From lug to lug, thedistance is 25mm. The case itself is about 7-8mm thick. The bracelet is20mm wide. The caseback is stainless steel and it is old school"Pressed in".

Pretty respectable dimensions for a watch that sports a 1980's movement and a far cry from my 31mm cased JG2000.

The watch wears nicely but it is not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination.

Watch Functions

The movement's analog and LCD displays talk to each other. This isoften a complaint with some ana-digi watches where the dual displaysmodel simply have no communication with each other.

Take a closer look at the function window on the left lower corner of the dial:

When you press the "Mode" button (Upper left corner of the case), thearrow moves along (It is an animated LCD arrow) to indicate whichfunction you are viewing at the moment:

Date/Temperature display (In Centigrade or Farenheit)
Dual time

Below the arrow there are 2 smaller displays. One tells you when thealarm is turned on "ALM" and the one next to it will show if the hourlychime is turned on "CHI".

The bigger LCD display next to it displays the hour, dual time, alarm and chronograph.

The smaller LCD display below it, displays the seconds, temperature,last recorded temperature at the time the alarm was activated (Kind ofinteresting feature), seconds for dual time and finally the 1/1000seconds split display for the chronograph function.

The analog display A1 shows either your home time or you can set it upto display another time zone. Analog display A2 is multi-function. Itcan act as a seconds hand (And it is use to 0 calibrate the A2 secondshand with the seconds LCD display), it can also show the time the alarmhas been set to without having to cycle all the way to alarm mode, italso shows the dual time and finally, it also acts as a full 60 minuteclock counter for the chronograph. Pretty cool, eh?

The temperature sensor function is hit or miss. I do not think thismovement has the algorithm that allows the temperature sensor read outto subtract the added degrees of the wearer's body temperature. But itis a cool feature nevertheless.

The expected battery life for this movement is about 3 years and thatis pretty consistent with my prior experience with the older CitizenJG2000. However, if you do use the backlighting a lot, expect thebattery to run out a lot quicker. However, unlike my old JG2000, thelight has a 4 second time-out to prevent battery down run but bulbitself is not as energy efficient as in more modern LCD watches.Unfortunately, these is no lume whatsoever for the analog portion ofthe watch. My old JG2000 used to have luminous hands and markers forthe analog watches, but these were removed in the JG2081. So at night,the only portion of the watch visible will be the LCD displays.


I absolutely love this watch. If you have a soft spot for nostalgia1980's LCD/Analog watches and you like this type of Citizen, this isthe watch for you. People look at it and ask questions. It is a damnfunctional, reliable and fun looking piece. Looks great in the officeenvironment and equally feels at home on the weekend with a T-Shirt andJeans.

The water rating (WR) for this watch is 50 meters. Not bad. I used totake showers and swim in the ocean with my JG2000 that was merely"Water resist" and never conked on me. So at least with this watch, youcan feel more confident about taking it to your favorite water relatedactivities.

I highly recommend this watch. WISer should have this little piece ofhistory in their prized watch case collections. Really, it is wellworth it.

You may ask, where I bought it. Well, I am going to give the props at Jason over at for hooking me up with this beautiful timepiece.

The box is very nice (Unlike the disposable cylinder shape boxes foundon most Citizen Eco-Drive watches). The manual is very comprehensiveand Jason gave me Citizen's 1 year International warranty valid in theUnited States and everywhere else. I suspect I'll never get to use itgiven the quality and reliability of these watches

Hope you enjoyed the review and if you were on the fence about gettingone of this, I hope my review helped you make a more educated decision.

Feel free to ask any questions or issue comments.[img]
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JG2081-57F...Very interesting model... very similar to the earlier Citizen Series Cal No 8980-8988. produced since the early eighties to mid-nineties. The entire series was named as Citizen Analog Digital Temperature ( Citizen Ana Digi Temp ). Production was resumed ... JG2081-57F also beauty Machine.
The first Citizen Ana Digi Temp had no 100 year auto calendar (From 1999 until 2099) but 40 year auto calendar (From 1980 until 2019). But this is not a problem because the Calendar repeats every 28 years.

Research on the concept of such a watch with a thermometer already started in the seventies. But for technical reasons the production started at the beginning of the eighties.
Great supplement ordinary instruction - detailed description of all functions (among others how to synchronize Analog and Digital watch) and many aspects on CITIZEN Ana Digi Temp :

I wish many years of use and enjoyment of JG2081-57F
Citizen Expert
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