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REVIEW: Casio Atomic Solar Chronograph

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Authored by Clavin

REVIEW: Casio Atomic Solar Chronograph

Now that I've had the watch for a few weeks, I would like to share my thoughts and observations on this watch. The model number is: CASIO WVQ600DCA-2AV, and here are the manufacturers specs from the sellers website:

* Men's Executive Waveceptor Chronograph Atomic Watch.
* Stainless steel case and bracelet.
* Blue dial with silver tone hands markers.
* Date.
* Luminous hands and markers.
* 1/20th second chronograph.
* 5 time zones.
* Alarm.
* Tough Solar Power - powered by any light source including indoor light.
* Module 4350.
* Atomic Timekeeping. The time is automatically set daily from time calibration radio signals.
* Water Resistant to 100m.
* Scratch resistant mineral crystal.
* Push-button deployment clasp.
* Case measures 40mm diameter by 12mm thick.
* 1 year original manufacturer warranty.

I LOVE the watch. All functions work as described in the Instruction Manual. The only problem I had, was getting it to receive the Radio Controlled signal overnight. After an email to CASIO, they suggested the watch may not be fully charged. Since there is no Charge Indicator, I had no way of knowing this. So, for ten days I placed the watch in a window that receives direct daylight (NOT direct sunlight; more on this later) so that it received about 100 + hours of daylight. Then, I had no problem getting it to calibrate with the Atomic Clock at Ft. Collins, CO, USA. (The manual suggests placing watch in a window that faces the Atomic Clock, which in my case is West.) Last night I further tested it in a window that faces direct North on the compass. Again, it received the overnight calibration from the Atomic clock. Tonight I will test it by placing it NEAR the window, but not directly on the upper sill.

BTW, it does have a function to check if the watch has received an automatic calibration; you press the pusher at 10 o'clock and the sweep hand moves to either a "Y" or "N" marker at the 3 o'clock position on the dial. If it receives the calibration, the sweep will move to the Y"; if not it points to the "N". AND you can also do a manual calibration during the day, but sometimes it is difficult to receive the signal during the daylight hours. Overnight, the watch is programmed to perform automatic calibration at 12 midnight; 1 a.m.; 2 a.m.; 3 a.m.; 4 a.m.; and 5 a.m. So there are five opportunities to received automatic calibration. However, stormy weather conditions can interfere even during the overnight calibrations.

After reading the Manual a little closer, it did say that the calibration function would not work correctly if the watch was not fully charged. DUH!

About placing it in direct sunlight; The CASIO support said you can do it without harming the solar cell. The Instruction Manual says the same thing. HOWEVER, my Citizen Eco-Drive's all caution against placing the watch in DIRECT sunlight. So, I am going to go on the side of caution and NOT place my CASIO in direct sunlight but in DIRECT daylight, which my northern exposure window affords.

BTW, the calendar is a perpetual programmed until the year 2100. The calibration signal from the Atomic Clock tells my watch what month, year and day it is, even though only the date displays.

It is a FANTASTIC watch and it's going to be my "daily driver", for most days, when I am working at the college where I am employed.

Should you decide to get one of these, just fully charge it and be sure to "zero" the hands, according to directions, and you'll have an extremely accurate and handsome timepiece.

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Thanks for the write up Ed :) Good Looking watch...

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