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Hey Matt, I'm glad that your tuna turned out exactly how you were expecting, looking fresh and with a new crystal!

It is a pleasure to help out my fellow Seikoholics. I'm only giving back to this outstanding community, from which I could learn A LOT and have always got outstanding help and treatment by my fellow friends who are also into Seiko.

I also need to be honest and comment in here that I felt very comfortable in referring Matt to Duncan after speaking to my friend Mario D. and he showed me what an outstanding service Duncan did on his old 6159 grandpa tuna, so it was a pleasure to know that we have another tuna wizard to rely upon, besides Randall Benson, Luka-san, Ostendorf, Spencer Klein and a few other intrepid collectors who crossed the boundaries from mere collectors into the realm of watch professional service men. Tunas are intimidating dive watches due to its exquisite construction, and not everyone is willing to crack them opened up, so finding out private parties willing to accept the challenge (if one doesn't want to go through his/her local "official Seiko channel" due to justified horror stories, that is) has never been easy, until now. Matt's kudos to Duncan are totally due, understandably.

Duncan, I wanna give you my sincere congratulations for doing an awesome job and helping out your fellow Seiko fans, brother! You da man! :)
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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