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Return of the Golden Tuna

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I don't normally post on SCWF (I loiter on WUS) but I thought that I should post this thread on here as it concerns a SCWF member.

Nearly 2 years ago my lovely wife bought me my (then) ultimate diver, a Seiko 7c46-7008 SQ Golden Tuna, for my 30th birthday. I got a decent deal on it as it had a hefty gash on the crystal, something I've lived comfortably with until recently. I finally found a NOS crystal on the bay that I promptly got for a steal. Then came the search for someone to fit it and after the horror stories that PSweeting had posted regarding his experiences with Seiko UK, there was no way it was going to them! On to my first thank you in this post - ChrisGalbraith76 (top guy) PM'd me and suggested that I got in touch with Duncan (Cannop), a WIS buddy of his who he said was some sort of Seiko servicing genius (that's me paraphrasing :)).

That brings me to the main thank you - Duncan is the man! He replied within an hour of me PM'ing him and I could tell straight away that 1. He knew exactly what he was talking about and 2. That our transaction was going to be nothing but EASY!

I posted the watch to him on the 17th, he received on the 18th and he messages me today to say that he had completed the work and that the Tuna would be back on my wrist tomorrow! That's a 5 day turnaround! He replaced the crystal, pressure tested to 100bar (passed :)); then ultrasonic cleaned and greased the bezel FOC.

Here's the PM I received earlier today:

cannop said:
Hi Matt,

I've now fitted the crystal and pressure tested the watch to 30bar, which it passed successfully you'll be pleased to hear!

Here's how it went, the shroud and bezel removed

The crystal locking ring removed

The old crystal and nylon slip ring removed

A windowless watch

The new crystal, slip ring and locking ring refitted

In the chamber for a leak test, up to pressure

Wait 15 minutes and submerge

Release the pressure and no stream of bubbles so it's fit for the 30bar test in the hydrostatic tester

In the chamber

Lid on and up to pressure

Wait a few minutes and look for a large pressure drop, the pressure always drops a little but that more due to the seals in my tester rather than the seals in your watch!

Out she comes

Onto the warming plate

Let it warm through then place a cold droplet of water on the crystal. If there was any moisture ingress the crystal would fog up where the cold spot is. Needless to say yours was fine.

While the pressure testing was going on I ultrasonically cleaned the bezel and shroud components. The bezel isn't loose like a lot of older tunas, it feels just right to me after cleaning and slicone greasing the o-ring - firm but not tight.

The watch reassembled

Without sounding like a one man Duncan fan club I just just wanted to post this thread to say thanks for making my beloved Tuna even more special. If you don't already know Duncan and need any work doing take this as an A* recommendation.

I'll post a live pic tomorrow when it's back on my wrist.


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As always a QUALITY job from Duncan and a watch to be proud of Matt :)
I am slightly envious of Duncan's facilities and your beautiful golden Tuna. Yes I still have the hots for the GT:biggrin:
Duncan is a gentleman .

Nice watch by the way:grin:
Hey Matt, I'm glad that your tuna turned out exactly how you were expecting, looking fresh and with a new crystal!

It is a pleasure to help out my fellow Seikoholics. I'm only giving back to this outstanding community, from which I could learn A LOT and have always got outstanding help and treatment by my fellow friends who are also into Seiko.

I also need to be honest and comment in here that I felt very comfortable in referring Matt to Duncan after speaking to my friend Mario D. and he showed me what an outstanding service Duncan did on his old 6159 grandpa tuna, so it was a pleasure to know that we have another tuna wizard to rely upon, besides Randall Benson, Luka-san, Ostendorf, Spencer Klein and a few other intrepid collectors who crossed the boundaries from mere collectors into the realm of watch professional service men. Tunas are intimidating dive watches due to its exquisite construction, and not everyone is willing to crack them opened up, so finding out private parties willing to accept the challenge (if one doesn't want to go through his/her local "official Seiko channel" due to justified horror stories, that is) has never been easy, until now. Matt's kudos to Duncan are totally due, understandably.

Duncan, I wanna give you my sincere congratulations for doing an awesome job and helping out your fellow Seiko fans, brother! You da man! :)
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Beautiful work. That dial looks really blue. I have never seen one of these IRL, and always thought they were black. Are they really that blue or is it my screen?

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The dials are black, but it looks blue-ish on my screen as well ;)

Great watch btw! Enjoy it.
The colours probably skewed a bit because the pictures are taken on my bench under x4 865 6500K Daylight fluorescent tubes with an ancient compact camera. :) Thanks for the kind words Chris!

:p Boo should've tested the Tuna to 100BAR and not 32.9BAR imo. :cool::D
:p Boo should've tested the Tuna to 100BAR and not 32.9BAR imo. :cool::D
Haha - to says its never going diving I think I can live with 32 :)
:p Boo should've tested the Tuna to 100BAR and not 32.9BAR imo. :cool::D
That was my bad Bry, I'd just tested a 300m Ecozilla and had it in my head that this was a 30bar test too.

I know! :icon_scratch:
That was my bad Bry, I'd just tested a 300m Ecozilla and had it in my head that this was a 30bar test too.

I know! :icon_scratch:
Would you happen to have pics of an Ecozilla disassembly and testing, Duncan?

That's something we don't see very often in the foruns... would love to see them if you have'em. :cool:
She's back and I'm in love all over again. Just shot an impromptu photo shoot. Soooooo happy!! :)

And a shaky lume shot because I was too lazy to crack out the tripod.

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Looks great on you. You must be a scary giant to wear such a beast so perfectly.
It looks outstanding on that green Iso! Congratulations for having it back and looking new again!
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