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Retro Seiko

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Just arrived back from being fixed :)

Jolly Good What What
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almost brought one off fleabuy the other day.... like the 80's stuff... reminds me of when my bones didn't creak and crack (don't say a bloody word diesel about being not born yet)....
Only just alive in the 80s! I've got a H557 Silverware, not really me, think I'll clean it up though. Looks like a H601 to me.
Loving the workshop, I'm jealous again today, what's happening to me?


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Trust me when you get past 40 and you see fit birds on facebook that you know you'll never, ever, ever have a hope in hell of getting your paws on (unless you win the lottery or release a hit single) then you'll know the true meaning of jealous!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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