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I recently came across my old 0634-5019 which I have owned since new in 1976.
The watch has been in pieces for many years. From what I can remember it sat with no battery in it and when I put a new battery in it came back to life kind of grudgingly with faint display, missing segments, etc. That was probably 10 years ago.
Some ham-fisted repair attempts resulted in a cracked lcd, some scratched print on the plastic surround and a module that I'm guessing no longer works. :mad:
As the watch was my high school graduation gift from my parents I'm keen to restore it if it can be done.
I saw someone post here a few years ago that they had new modules. Is anything else available? Any other donor watches that can be used? Thanks very much for any help offered - the sentimental attachment is fairly strong!
Could also use advice on refinishing the bracelet. :rolleyes:
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