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removing cyclops from Stargate II

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Has anyone successfully removed the cyclops that is installed on the 2nd gen stargate?

Can you share how you did it?
I hate the cyclops.

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I too despise the cyclops. I replaced the crystal with one of Harold's SKZ Stargate sapphire crystals. I bought 2 more SRP Stargates and used generic sapphires from Borel and they fit perfectly. The flat generic is 31.0mm x 2.5mm. I reused the original gaskets.

Very easy to do with a crystal press.

Good luck however you remove the hated cyclops.

I have two MK2 Stargates, tried to remove the cyclops from both by soaking in acetone for a couple of days, hammer and chisel and an oven on gas mark 27 million for an hour. I do not know what glass adhesive Seiko use but it is bomb proof. One did come off eventually but the chisel scratched the glass so i bought a Sapphire domed crystal from yobokies for one and a flat generic Sapphire for the other.

Please let me know how you fare, and good luck:93:
yeah, I'm worried about permanent damage to the crystal.
I admit the cyclops helps me see the D/D better, but I just hate the looks of it!

do you have a link to the borel x-stals?

What about WR pressure testing after installing new x-stals?
I want to avoid if possible replacing it to keep WR to ISO Diver levels as Seiko intended.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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