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I remember the first time I asked for help removing a crown

The first time I asked for advice in replacing a 7548 Crystal and nearly wet myself when it clunked into place on my wooden dining table at 1130 pm resonating through the wood as it locked into place (insert expletive)

A month ago was my first repair of a 7548 day date combo with the help of many experienced people in this space.

Last night was the first time I oiled from the train wheel setup up on a Seiko kinetic 5m42 using the technical repair manual uploaded by someone here!
The watch works and keeps perfect time now and does not stick every 12 hrs and loose 1-2 min a day.

You know that feeling of accomplishment otherwise you wouldn't encourage novices like myself to give it a shot.

A big thank you to everyone who has guided my repairs and fueled my enthusiasm.

Please feel free to share any triumphs or failures as you learnt your way around watch repair.

Merry Christmas to all and if you don't care about Christmas, I hope you get a bit of time to spend with your family or follow your head.

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Yes it is great to make those important strides in watch repair and tinkering.

Christmas is Christmas whether you celebrate or not, the point is you are surrounded by others who do and that simply has to rub off.
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