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Refurbished Ecozilla watches?

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I'm in the market for a Citizen BJ8050 Ecozilla so I've been reading the reviews on Amazon and some of them are not so encouraging. Fair number of reviews where people suspect that the watch was not brand new. Packaging wasn't right, no plastic film on the watch or crystal, booklets missing or damaged. Even worse bezels that were so loosed they rattled, scratches and tool marks on the case of the watch.
Is there a channel by which refurbished watches or watches that didn't make it through quality control could be sold as new by retailers?
There's a pretty wide variation of prices on "new" Ecozilla watches - all the way from $179. up to $319 or more. The reviews and the price variation are making me kind of leery of buying one.
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When in doubt, buy from an AD. You can find the Ecozilla at Arizona Fine Time (web store, Citizen AD) for a pretty reasonable price (for an AD, that is). Complete with original packaging and booklets. Your contact guy there will be Joe Kirkland, who is active in the Seiko & Citizen forum at W.U.S. . Try'em out.
Always nice to buy from an AD.
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