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I picked up this 6119-7170 from eBay. It was in need of a crystal, bezel insert, chapter ring, some case refinishing and bracelet. The movement was supposedly cleaned and lubricated recently.

I'm not good about taking before and after pics or pics as I go. Needless to say, I was able to source a crystal from Mr Seiko and a new bezel w/insert from a member here, IIRC. The work was pretty mundane stuff that others have covered in detail elsewhere.

The chapter ring looked like it was painted with a few coats of dark gray metallic paint so I stripped it off, hoping that the underlying metal would be stainless steel and I could simply polish it.
The bare metal was yellowish so, for the time being, it's got a painted silver finish. I think I'll have a tough time finding an original chapter ring with the rally decoration.
I'm sure I can get creative in the future when I have more time.
Because the chapter ring isn't stock, I may change the dial and hands at a later date, though I do really like the gray color on the stocker (it's got a few small scratches that are visible at the proper angle as well).

For the bracelet, I used a Seiko 5 bracelet and end links from two different watches I had laying around to make something that mostly fit and looked ok.
I brushed the bracelet to remove the polished outer band. The end links were from a two-tone case and it still has a tiny bit of gold in the recesses.
I don't think it looks out of place, though it's clearly not stock.

I'm sure I could obtain a better cosmetic fitment on the end links if I spent some time contouring them a bit more. After I'm certain I like this bracelet and end link combo, I'll work on it a bit more to clean up the gold and adjust the end link fitment.
I've got seven watch projects on what is supposed to be my computer desk at the moment so this will do for now.

The new bezel didn't come with a gasket so I used one for a 6309. It seems to fit and work well. I'm used to the bezel action on SKXs and 6309s so it's odd to have the bezel rotate firmly but without clicks.

I also replaced the crown with a part from Jules Borel. I'm not crazy about the finish of the aftermarket crown. It's not visible in the posted pics but, it's dimpled, and the original is flat.
IMO, after looking at it on the watch for a while, the aftermarket part looks cheap. I'll probably work on the stock crown and swap them back if it refinishes ok.

It seems to keep time well and is extremely comfortable. I think the light weight of folded link bracelet contributes to that.

I really like the look of the rally divers. I would love to see Seiko do something like a re-issue or at least a modern variant.

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