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Receipt of a Seiko DX 6106-8040

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Seiko 6106-8040

Hello All, I was talking to a neighbour of mine, and the subject of watches came up. He mentioned that he had an old Seiko that he no longer wore, and asked if I was interested in having it. Absolutely.

He bought the watch when on R&R in Singapore while serving in Vietnam. He thought that he bought it in March 1968, along with two other Seiko watches for his father and brother. His brother misplaced his many years ago, while his father ploughed his into a paddock on a farm. My neighbour uses the original band on a different watch now, so it still exists.

He found the watch a little difficult to read – and, looking at the condition of the crystal, I can see why. The reflective dial is also not easy to read in certain light.

A clean up with Polywatch did wonders. It is in very good condition, and keeps very good time. I'm very glad to wear it.

Before pic (at a suitably unflattering angle):

And after a modest clean up:


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nice :)
Very nice watch! Looks good on the strap!

Coming from a cloud somewhere...
Very nice! Maybe you can buy the neighbor a nice strap or bracelet, to trade with the original he still has?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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