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In the summer of 2018 which was very hot and dry for us in the UK we suffered some subsidence to the front of our bungalow, after drilling bore holes etc the engineers found it was due to the clay under our house shrinking and our neighbors trees, silver birch and others hunting for water caused the problem.

The subsidence is then monitored for 12 months to make sure the subsidence is not ongoing before any work can start.

At the beginning of January we where informed that remedial work would start the end of April which was good news as we had been wanting to decorate etc from just before the subsidence showed up.

Then out of the blue the company doing the repairs contacted us to say they could start in February, great as we wanted the work doing but then a mild form of panic ensued as we had got to empty the rooms that needed work and one of the rooms was my man cave come hobby room come store room that also serves as my bed room, bit of a nightmare really as there was 20 years worth of stuff to sort out and store but also the room was REALLY in need of a makeover and it embarrassed my wife :)

I had spent quite some time planning for this upheaval and decided to board out the attic and buy a load of the 32L plastic storage containers, so a long story short all my stuff went into storage in a organised way I just hope I can unstore it in a organised way :)

Most of the remedial work now done inside and out apart from one of the main drains from the house seems to have been affected resulting in flooding to the front garden after rain and we have had plenty.

We obviously knew there was going to be a lot going on so we decided that when the work was done we would also have a upgrade so now waiting for flooring and items of furniture to arrive, fitting new lighting, blinds etc etc etc

So it has been quite a inconvenience and will continue to be for a while but it will all be worth while, hopefully :)

Why have I bored you with this ramble I hear you ask ? :) the main reason being I have been slow to respond to pms/emails at times as I have been really busy and at times the simplest of things ends up being a pita it seems for example we had got a quote for some flooring and decided to go for it, I rang the company to order and pay and my debit card was declined two times WTF !! so I rang my bank which again is a pita getting through to them, hanging on the line but once I got to speak to a human they checked and said there end all good its the companies fault, bloody hell, rang the company and they said they had had no problems accepting payments in store but did find that now and again over the phone payments can sometimes play up, security issue ? so could I go in store and pay, so a one hour round trip to the store and payment made no problem at all.

So my apologies if I havent answered in quick time but I am a little stressed and knackered at the moment and I hate stress :) times like this when it would perhaps be good to get pissed but I don't drink.

ps: Bry why don't you buy a 7548 so that you have all the answers to hand and be your own man ?

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