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cnycoburn said:
I am contemplating reluming the dials on a couple of my watches and some hands. my questions are

1. when i do the hands, do i need to take into consideration the weight of the lume on the hands in regards to the movement being able to move the hands without the watch losing time. ( I am worried that the weight of the lume on the hands will be to heavy for the movement.
2. I have read that the bonding agent could be any clear liquid (ie: clear nail polish or top coat). Is this true or do I need a specific bonding agent. (hope this makes sense.)
3. what kind of lume substance should I use. I assume that there are several kinds out there. Just dont know where to begin.

Any other words of advise will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Cindy,

1. The weight is not an issue, the movement can handle it if it was there.
When installing heavy-weight hands on a quartz dress watch, maybe that extreme scenario would cause a chance in rate beat?

2. I cant say for sure, but people usually buy a kit for reluming and the bonding liquid is a part of it.
I bought mine on a local watchmaker supply store, but you can find it on the net too.
Here is one like mine, the AF kit, at in the US:

3. There are a lot of other companies, you'll have to search a little, and decide what is best for you, here are some:



Some will not ship out of their country, the local law forbids...

Last thing, I have made a post about a 6105 restoration sometime ago, reluming included, on the old SCWF, if you wish to see :)


Good luck,
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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