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Agree with their coolness...

Hey I tried to find out more about why he left Citizen for a Rolex. I know Rolex are well made watches...but swinging a golf club or being in the outdoors is not the most ideal spot for an automatic watch.

Personally, I can understand if he went for the money, but he also made it very difficult for his fans to have an affordable tough watch if they want to be like Ray.

As I have said a few times on this forum, Citizen is a love/hate company for me.
They don't even allow optional sapphire upgrades anymore. I'm sure I could get one fitted but it sucks that they don't distribute models people are ordering from overseas anyway.

The Ray Mears model was one of their coolest designs.
Great old no nonsense Promasters. Wish they would bring back into production at some point, even for a limited commemorative run. I sure do cherish mine.

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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