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Quick question about this Orient Star

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This thing has been haunting me:

I think this WZ0041DE is absolutely handsome, and even though I'm NOT supposed to be thinking about new watches right now, I just can't get my mind off of it :-[ . But I was wondering how does the week day hand goes from Sunday to Monday? It just gives a big jump backwards at Sunday 12:00pm?

BTW, does this watch has a proper name other then the # code? I'm not sure but I think Chino calls them the "Retrograde"?
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That Orient Star is one of the cheapest double retrogrades around. You can get one for USD $750 and change from the usual Japan suspects. I have owned retrograde watches (quartz and auto) and it is cool to see the pointer snap back so quickly.

While I tend to be a bracelet guy, I find the rose gold colored case on strap version of this OS to bring about the true essence of what this watch is all about.

Careful about looking it at it too much. Once a watch enters your head, there is no turning back :))
LUW said:
John, that's a pretty cool video, never had seen one working before. I guess that it's the same thing with the day hand, it just snaps back to Monday.

md, this one is at $695 delivered over at Chino (the other two don't have it listed). REALLY tempting! :-X

Not bad. Lots of watch for the $$$$$
LUW said:
You're not helping.

That is the idea!

Mistake #1----> Posting about this watch :))

Mistake #2----> Showing it to a bunch of pro enablers :p

I think all attempts to resist this beautiful watch will be futile >:D
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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