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Quick help needed on Citizen NY0040-09EE

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Hi all!

I am new to the forum and I would need some expert knowledge on the NY0040-09EE.

I'm planning to purchase this watch, but I'm a bit confused on the text "Diver's" on the dial. I found these two versions from the internet. Other has the text and other doesn't.

So the question is, are these watches exactly the same(besides the text)? Or is there some greater difference(in the movement, build etc)?

Help the noob!



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I've owned three of these. In looking back at my old pics, I see that all three say "Diver's". I'm not sure why one would not have that text on the dial, unless like LUW says, it's a marketing thing. I can't see what the benefit of leaving off the text might be, though.


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Isthmus said:
IIRC, Citizen denotes that a dive watch is ISO rated by adding the M for meters after the depth rating, so even if it failed to say Diver's on the dial, if it said, 200m (as opposed to 200) it would be an ISO rated diver.
All the more reason why it's strange to leave off the word "Diver's". I wonder if it's on the case back? Or maybe the word "Taucher"?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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