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Questions about the Seiko SHC033 quartz pepsi diver

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Hi, first post. ^-^
Been wanting to join the Seiko Diver's Club for awhile now, and wanted a SKX series but i would probably only wear the watch one or two times a week and since they don't have a manual wind I was looking at other options. Ran across a quartz model and problem solved! In this case the SHC033 with "pepsi" bezel. So now a few questions:

1) This watch came with a rather ragged out jubilee bracelet. What are my bracelet replacement options? I would like to look at something with solid end links, like a Super Oyster. Will it fit? Any other bracelet or strap recommendations? Right now I have it on a Maratac mil series one piece.

2) Will the same mod parts available for other Seikos fit this watch? I would especially like to look at different dial and hand options. I would prefer a dial that doesn't say "QUARTZ".

3) I think I figured it out, but what's the secret to setting the date? It was rolling over to the spanish equivalent for the first couple of days.

4) As I understand it this model is discontinued, what were the years of manufacture?

Any other pearls of wisdom about this watch would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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