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Ok, here is what I think of it.

Hands of the 7549 will only fit the 7549 models, the hand sizes are so uncommon (read big) that they will only fit this movement.

The dial of a 7C46 movement will not fit a 7549 movement, the center hole needs to be bigger for that.

The dial of the 7549 will fit the 7C46 movements but the center hole is bigger as neccessary, could case a little bit of "seethrough" between hands and dial.

The stem of both movements are imo identical, if not it will be no problem as these divers have a 2 piece stem and you can swap the movement piece of the stem.

Crown locations on the watches are identical, so that should work also.

So, a 7C46 with old dial and SBBN007 hands....should work.

At this moment I can't say if this movement will fit the case in diameter or the fitting of the stem in terms of hight on the movement.
I think it will fit as the cases of most tuna's are more or less identical but can't be 100 % sure
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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