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^-^ Good morning everyone! I would like to replace a bezel insert on my arnie.My question is- how do you remove the old one,install the new (i'll be getting it from Noah) and how difficult and risky is the whole process ? I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find information related to this topic :( .Thank you -Sebastian


I'm no expert but I've done one (and a new crystal) under supervision of a member here (Thanks Barry) and wished I had taken photos but at the time I was too impatient to get my Arnie finished. I stand to be corrected but it goes something like this:

1. Remove the strap.

2. Remove the shroud- After removing the 3 screws the shroud has to be carefully levered off from the 6 or 12 position where it clips over the case. Be careful not to loose the metal spacers from the screw holes. Some people advise warming the shroud first to make it less likely to crack. To remove the shroud without breaking it is the critical part of this operation.

3. Remove the bezel-Look at the watch edge on at the 12 o'clock position and rotate the bezel until you see a small cut out on the bottom of the bezel. Insert a blade or thin scredriver here to lever the bezel off.

4. The insert is prised out from behind in the normal manner- If you search on here there are photo how to's of that.

5. Refit the bezel and line up the insert at 12 otherwise it may be misaligned if fitted with the bezel off the watch.

6. Insert the new Insert- Mine pushed in nicely by hand but I have seen someone using a wooden peg to tap the final bit in.

7. Refit the shroud and the strap.

8. Makes sense to clean the case and bezel while they are seperated and relube the bezel gasket with silcone grease before refitting.

9. The insert from Noah was top notch.

Alternatively send it me and I'll get it back to you in a couple of years ;)

Hope that helps, its really quite simple, if Ive missed anything please feel free to edit.


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