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Production years of the 600m Professional 7c46-60xx Ashtray Diver?

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Does anyone happen to know for how many years the 600m 7c46-60xx aka Ashtrays were made? I've read somewhere that Seiko introduced the Ashtray in 1986 but I've also seen a few made in 1985 (actually I have one incoming made in '85). I'm curious to know for how many years Seiko has produced these 600m Ashtray's. Thanks for any insightful information.
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Mario, I think that the 1986 release is correct.

The Ashtray does not appear in the 1985 Vol. 2 Seiko catalog but has shown up a year later in the '86 Vol. 2 catalog. I do not have the '86 Vol 1 catalog but should have one in a few weeks time.

At around this time the golden tunas also changed from the 7549 to the 7C46 that the ashtray also uses. According to Seiko the 7C46 was first released in March 1986. This is the watch release date and production of watches obviously occurs before the release. I would assume that all of the 85 models you see will be towards the last half of 85.

My guess is that both the ashtray and the 1000m golden tunas were released together.

It would be an unusual marketing decision to discontinue the 600m 7549, then release the 1000m version in March, and then release another 600m diver just a couple of months after.

In summary I would estimate that the ashtray was released in March 86 but have been manufactured from late 85.

The ashtray continues to appear in Seiko catalogs till the start of 93 so it would likely have finished some time around then.
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Anthony, thank you very much. The Ashtray I have incoming (and all other early made Ashtrays I have seen) was made in October 1985 according to the serial number. So for me it is very interesting to know that the Ashtray has first shown up in the '86 Vol. 2 catalog. By the way, the very earliest 7c46-7009 golden Tuna I have ever seen dates from December 1985. The latest Ashtray I have come across dates from 1991 so it's also nice to know that they have shown up in the catalog till 1993. Once again thank you very much. That's exactly the kind of information I was looking for.
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