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Its been around longer then that.
Someone like PeteW can surely tell us then they offered them.
I want to say mid to late 90's.

The way to date theses is like any of the battery driven Divers- 7458 or 7C46 have stamped markings on the case back telling you when to change the battery.
In the case of the SBBN007 Tuna its a 5 year battery.

these pics show that the battery for this one is to be changed in 2001 so its manufacture is something like 1996 or 1997. But I could be wrong and think its earlier then that,
I sold this a few years ago and don't remember exactly.

Maybe we can get someone like PeteW or Mike Mounce to help out.... or did those guys not make the jump???
Im still on the fence about the jump.

anyway here is a pics of the case back, hope this helps.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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