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If you know the decade it is easy:
1st digit of the serial gives you the year, second the month with 1 for Jan, 2 for feb.., 9 for sep, O for Oct, N for Nov and Dec.
Example: a watch from the 90s with a serial 7N8556 was produced in November '97.
If you do not know the decade, the movement might help you, as long as it was not produced for more than 10 years.
In fact the production date calculator uses a movement table and gives you always the first possible date. Your watch might be actually 10 years younger.
I attached you the movement table being used by the calculator (hope Jayhawk is ok with that).
It's a bit hard to read. Find the movement number and than the next year shown in the row should be the first production year of that movement.




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tunafied said:
And the earlier Seikos were stamped with 7 digits serial numbers then to the 6 digits that we see often in Vintage Seikos.

But anyone knows the period of 7 digits SN?
As a rule 1969 seems to be the last year for 7 digit but with Seiko i don't think you can ever be 100% sure as there is often the odd exception to any rule.
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