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Discussion Starter · #1 · allows you to print devices for measuring lug/strap width and strap length (see instructions below and attachment or follow link provided). May be handy if you don't already have a means to measure these strap/lug dimensions. (I have no site affiliation.)


Please follow these instructions to ensure accurate watchstrap measurements. You will need a ruler or US quarter for measurement testing.

1. Do not attempt take measurements directly from the screen as they will not be accurate. The tools will be to scale only when printed.

2. When printing, make sure that "Page Scaling" is set to none and any option to "Shrink Pages to Fit" is unchecked to ensure the tool will print in the correct size.

3. IMPORTANT - Please measure either the 1 inch test mark on the printed page with a ruler or compare a U.S. quarter to the printed circle before using the tool. If the one inch marker is not one full inch or if you cannot see the printed outline of the quarter, please go back to step 2 check your print settings and reprint the page.


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