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Precista PRS-5. chronographe à remontage manuel basé sur un mouvement Chinois Seagull ST-19

Eddie Platts the owner of made this hommage of the British Army dotation mechanical chronograph.
This one is part of the second serial, the first one was made under the broadarrow label with a Poljot 3133 movement.
Since Eddie can no more use the Broadarrow label so he use his own label Precista.

The ST-19 is a column wheel chronograph movement its origin comes from the Swiss Venus 175,
it's more or less the Chinese counterpart of the Russian Poljot 3133.

The PRS-5 case has a 41mm diameter with a 31mm visible dial. Thereby the watch is not huge and easy to wear.
The watch is discret, has a simple and efficient look due to its military heritage.

The dial has luminova dots to point the hours, the 12h and 6h position use a
greater police of characters than the rest of the dial.
These 2 poition (12 & 6) are also painted with luminova.
There is 2 subdials at 9h and 3h, and no date guichet.
The 9h subdial is a "pette seconde" and the 3h is the chrono minutes totalizer, with a maximum of 30mn

By using lesser police of characters than in the 12h and 6h position, there is not the "index rogné"
effect caused by the 2 subdial, and it is a very fine idea.

The watch has a 3.4 mm height domed acrylic crystal. The total height of the watch is 14,75mm.
The case is made in a brushed steel and this reinfose the stealth/discret look.
The design of the case permits to have the 2 chrono crowns in a backwards position tahn the amin crown.
By this way it's reinforce the stealth look of the watch.

The main crown is labeled with a stylized P, but it is subtilly one and thereby not easily catch in the photo.

By default the watch has a plain casebck, in option you can bought a crystal back but IMHO it doesn't match very well
with the military origin/look of the watch.

The lugs are drilled and the strap is a 20mm wide.

The watch is delivered with a useful set a Branda 2 watches travel box

and a bergeon like strap tool.

and with a blue anti dust tissue.

and by the way sorry for my very poor english

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Your English is great! Nice watch I love the domed acrylic....just something so special about vintage : )

Great looking pics thx for sharing!

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My jaw drops when people write so well and then add "Sorry for my poor English"! But aside from that, a great review of a very interesting watch - one I'm thinking of getting myself. I'm also contemplating putting a high domed acrylic on my SK007, and your photos give me a good idea what the effect might be.

PS I'm a fellow Foghorn Leghorn fan - Ah say, Ah'm a fan, boy, a FAN - you understand me, boy? Ah'm a fan of that-there rooster, boy!
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