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Pls help identify mum's Seiko watch

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I hope this email finds you well. We were recently burgled we lost everything including my mothers Seiko watch watch. It was an anniversary present from my late father to my mother. It was something my parents wanted to pass on to me and future generations as a symbol of their love. I am desperate to identify the watch so I can source it for her.

1. It was purchased in 1991/1992 in Dubai duty free.
2. The band, head back, face, dial, handles were all gold- it was a reddish gold, similar to Asian gold -not rose gold or yellowy gold.
3. There were no numbers. It was either plain dial or had tiny markers for 12,3,6,9
4. The head was round and about 1.2cm in diameter
5. The band was slim/narrow. 0.7cm in band width
6. fully open, rectangular clip

I have attached some pictures of sample band and dial and a sketch to help you. Unfortunately, in the only picture of the watch, it can't be seen clearly. Any assistance you may provide will be very much appreciated. Thank you!!!



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Hi and welcome.

So sorry to hear of your burglary.

Unfortunately you would need some extra information to get the exact model as a replacement. The case back has two sets of numbers, one of which is the model No. and the other is the production date.

The model No. would be something like 1N00-OG90 (this example is just one I looked at quickly on E-bay)

The date would be something like 164312 (6 digits but starting with a 1 or 2 for '91 or '92). The date isn't as important unless you specifically want one from that year.

Also, I'm assuming it's quartz at that size ?

Your best bet would probably be to look on E-bay and narrow your search to women's Seiko/used/quartz/gold plated

You never know though, someone may come along and know what it is.

Good luck !
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My only suggestion would be to take a look through the catalogs from the late 80's and early 90's as you might spot it or something similar.

Seiko Catalogs 1980's (Japan)
Seiko Catalogs 1990's (Japan)

These are the Japanese catalogs so do not show every model released globally but many of the models shown were released in international markets. If you find something similar there will be a number below it showing the caliber and case number e.g. 2P21<0A9-0K1>. This indicates that the caliber is a 2P21, so try searching ebay or online for a Seiko 2P21.

Unfortunately many people do not list the model numbers in auctions so you might just be better searching on "Seiko ladies gold watch" or similar.

Good luck on your search for this watch.
If women and gold, it may be Seiko Credor?
It looks like so ...
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