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"Paying it forward".........

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A couple of weeks ago after reading many reports over the months i offered for trade a Aqualand and a 7A48 Moon phase for a Citizen Sky Hawk, now I wear my automatic (Dirty Harry) nigh on all the time but I have nothing against quartz/Eco drive etc in fact I think they are great and there accuracy is also real good and perfect for pick and go.
Well i was intrigued about all the functions that the Sky Hawk had, multiply time zones, chronograph, no battery etc etc and i liked the look of them.

My first response was from Garry (GWB) who said i don't want your old watches but i have a Sky Hawk you can have !!

After a few emails and me trying to pay something, shipping etc he would not hear of it and said he would post asap.

After these emails i just felt i had to "pay forward" so i offered the moon phase to some one who felt they deserved it and Ben replied and it is on the way to him now, i know how i felt when this arrived and i hope Ben feels a little of the same.

Having said all that i find in general the vast majority of WIS guys are in a different league to normal guys, thanks.

Thanks Garry, i really like the look of this and all the functions, i sat for a couple of hours just playing with it and what seems complicated to start with was in fact very easy, new and change is always exciting if hard to begin with, just got to find a link or new bracelet now as it is driving me mad that i can't wear it without cutting off my circulation.

ps: I nearly forgot to mention the most important part of the story, this is a Iraq veteran, owner and watch came back fine !!! now dosent that just put the icing on the cake ?? 8)

Bens 7A48
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Thats very generous and a great spirit of community!
Congrats to all!
wonderful acts of good karma at work, John :D
It couldn't had happen to nicest and helpful guy on the forum. Enjoy it John!!

I can hardly wait for it to get here John!! Thank You!!
Very nice. I've had folks send me links, pins, bracelets for free and have always had a similar reaction - first I try to repay them and then I try to pay it forward. We have a terrific community and these stories remind me why I continue to hang around with WIS.
One of the best stories about watch collecting I have heard. Especially the part of the safe return of watch and owner from Iraq.
I belong to a shaving equipment forum called Badger and Blade, and PIF's are pretty common place.
I know most the watches we discuss or own will be of a higher value, so it doesn't surprise me that they are less common place here but it still astounds me how communities like SCWF have so much good will in abundance.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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