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Evening all,
It's dark and wet here in Uk tonight, So just doing my Ebay thing...An Autumn \ Winter hobby.
Just picked up this lil baby for 49 GBP Dated 1998, unless anyone out there knows differently , :) Capacitor has been changed, its not the original looking for one of those now.
Attached are a couple of pics...
As always, any comments adverse or otherwise are welcome :)
Cheers guys,


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I remember when these were released and I really wanted one. They were heavily advertised but quite expensive.

I eventually picked up this model a few years ago.

I also purchased a NOS band on eBay when I got it. The original bands have to be cut to match the wearers wrist size so can not be adjusted larger. The rubber only section was available separately and the metal components could be moved from the original. Complete bands with both rubber and metal sections were also available at that time.

I have not looked for a couple of years but hopefully it will not be too hard to find an original band for it.
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