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:s_hi: Chronofreaks,

I had been on the look out for a 6139-8020 a while back but all I could find at the time was badly restored ones with the usual aftermarket parts. In the interim I had made one up myself from spare parts based on a case Tom hickman had given me.

Always the keen lurker, eventually a silver/blue 8020 surfaced on ebay. The colour I wanted and all original except for the Bullhead fishbone bracelet that had been fitted. £60 later it was on its way to Polly Towers.

This is the way I like them, all original with mint dial and hands.

After a full service, case clean, crystal polish and new gaskets; another one to add to the 6138/9 collection. If I could find the original bracelet I would be happy/er:93:

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