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For a while now I have seen posts on the main forum asking how to replace this and how to remove so and so which to some is very basic and to others not so simple and asking what tools or methods are best etc etc.

So I was thinking how about we do a group restore/mod of a watch starting right from the beginning (going back to basics) and showing what methods we all use and what tools we find best and as most of us like the 6309-704X use that as there are plenty about at good prices plus parts and mod parts are readily available.

We all more than likely do things different so we should all be able to pick up tips and ideas as we go along from each other that will help us all, no right way no wrong way just different.

What i thought was we will do each basic step at a time and beat that one step to death before we move onto the next step and so on with me setting the end of each step if that is ok , starting with the first step:

  • Remove the case back
    Remove crown & stem
    Remove movement
    remove bezel
    remove crystal retaining ring
    remove crystal
    remove gaskets
    etc etc etc etc
    Develop the restore/mod as we go along.
I often read of all sorts of make shift tools being used (some make me cringe ha ha) and i found a long while ago that the best tools to use are the "correct" ones and to be honest the best quality you can afford, cheap tools will always be cheap tools and cause problems in my experience, as with every thing in life you tend to get what you pay for.

I am for sure NOT saying i am a expert at all and there are many of you guys out there who have forgot more than i know and will ever know but i do enjoy "Tinkering" and get a good deal of satisfaction out of doing my own stuff plus as important to me is the fact it saves me $$$$
also the satisfaction factor of wearing a watch that you have done your self is in my opinion GREAT.

I have spoken with Harold (Yobokies) and he has agreed to give any one who signs up for the project a 10% discount on anything they need for the project, i will first give the member a code to pass on to harold.

Pete K in Australia as agreed to give free shipping to anyone who buys from him anything for the project on receipt of a code from me.

Also Dave at has agreed to give any project member a 10% discount on anything they buy during the course again the member has to request a code from me (I have lots of codes !!).

My thanks to the above for there generosity.

So what do you think is there any interest from anyone to take part in this ?

Below is the 6309 i have picked up purposely for this group project.



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