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Hi all. I recently struck it lucky with a 6138 8020 that cleaned up nicely. To add to my good fortune, it has an original Stelux president style bracelet with plenty of extra room for a wrist bigger than my 7.5". I need to remove a few links though and I'm stumped.

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Metal Silver Cylinder Titanium Fashion accessory

In the middle removable link is the text "<-OPEN->" (arrows pointing out towards the outer links). The holes on either side seem to allow a paper clip to run right through the middle in some cases and are blocked at about the depth where the outer link meets the central link in others (could just be gunk). I can only find one thread on this issue and the poster thought it had "hollow split pins" but that doesn't help much. Can anyone offer any advice here?

Here's the lovely (although not perfect) dial. I'm very taken by it.
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It looks like it has a roll pin system - so you'll need a pin to push it out, that has an outside diameter that fits snugly inside of the link hole.


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