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Saw these two (7A28 and 38) on the TF last week and couldent resist spending next months allowance on getting the 7A28-7030 it has always been one of my favourite 28s love the coulouring and at a tad over 39mm it wears bigger than i thought it would, real nice thanks Steve.

But look at the packaging !!!!!!!!!!!!! wow Steve you did them proud, i now have enough bubble wrap to last me a month ha ha the only down side i couldn't sneak this by the wife :'( so a couple more $5 watches added to the collection ;) ;)


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If you fine folks wouldnt mind a few pointers from someone who has been in the air express package business since 1986;

1) whatever you are shipping, tape a note card with the "Ship to" address written in waterproof ink to the item itself.
2) wrap in foam or bubble wrap, place in a tyvek envelope with "Ship to" address on it, then fold and tape so envelope is as small as possible.
3) pack in a corregated box at least 6" x 6" x 6". Pack the box as tight as possible with crumpled newspaper so that the box is hard and solid.
4) write the "Ship to" address directly on the box with waterproof marker. Labels come off.
5) tape the box with clear packaging tape, wrapping around the box at least 2 times on all three possible circumfrences.

Do not use duct tape. Once it starts peeling, a conveyor belt will strip it clean of tape in 3 seconds or less.

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