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Sorry for the OT, but with all the good TV these days it is hard for any one show to capture my attention. This one show has been the exception. In fact ever since it started last fall it has captured my attention in a way no other show has in many many years. It hasn't been the story lines (which have been generally predictable and basic), But the individual characters, the positive tone and, well, the music. Yes folks, I'm talking about Glee!

There, I said it, I'm a big fat Gleek: ;D

I don't know what it is, but every time I watch this show I end up singing and in a really good mood which is more than i can say for most of what's on the tube. That plus I can watch it with the fam and my toddler likes the music.

To celebrate I'm wearing this 6309-8239 from 1985:

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