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OT(?):Passing time - passing thoughts

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Well guys, after something like 4 years on the forums, starting with 4 watches
(H558 Arnie, Omega Seamaster 1965, Rolex Bubble back 1954, Casio G-shock 3011 2001)
I now have a few more :)

Did it make me happier?
along the road, I'm sure it did. And I'm pretty sure this road will never end, even if I want it to.
Please look at this little Video I've made, and if you want, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts,
about this little hobby of ours. Thanks.

Edit: There was a song in the background. "We're*on*a*road*to*nowhere" by Talking*Heads"
but I've probably violated some copyrights (oops... sorry :( ) so now it's just a nice song to go with this video,
(which You*ube and I have the right to use)
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Thanks guys for the good words. :-*

As I said, at this time I'm thinking out loud what should I do now with this hobby -
maybe thinning the herd and staying with those I wear regularly,
or continue accumulating more and more until I'm out.

Believe it or not, I have more. But this video is only those I had wrist shots of.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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