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Re: New boutique brand: Artego

water70proof said:
You would think that on a Japanese watch board you might find less unfounded bias towards a Japanese movement. You guys sound like the Time Zoners who can't accept that Seiko produces anything worthwhile since it isn't Swiss....
I'm not completely opposed to a Miyota movement in a watch - I've had a few and they're certainly adequate. But I try to be objective about them. I've been collecting watches for ten years now. I've seen most of the common movements. I like that the Miyota handwinds, even if it doesn't hack. That gives it a slight advantage over the 7S26. It still has the "Miyota stutter" though, and it has one of the most unattractive finishes of any movement outside of Chistopol, Russia. So, it gives up that slight advantage, and leaves me preferring the 7S26 if I have to choose.

My chief problem with Miyotas is that I have owned too many $100 watches powered by them for me to see what the financial upside is in a Miyota powered watch that costs $350 or more. It's the same thing that keeps me from buying Vostok Europe watches for $200 - they're powered by the same 2416 movements that I could buy in $35 Amphibians for years. Maybe the case finish is a little better on the VE watches (and on the new boutique Miyota watches), but does it justify a four to six times increase in the final price? I'm not convinced.
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