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Re: New boutique brand: Artego

The watches seem handsome enough, and the price is attractive. However, as it seems to be the case with most dive watch boutique manufacturers (IMHO), they suffer from a fair amount of what I call "Me Too Syndrome". They look nice, but there is little original about them. The major design elements are derivatives of major design elements from popular wathes from other companies. The end result of combining them is nice, but a number of other companies are doing similar combinations. It leaves me, as a consumer, appreciating the watch, but not caring for the brand. IMHO boutique makers benefit from offering what the large manufacturers don't: Either modern interpretations of famous watches no longer in production, or completely unique designs readily identifiable as their own. This piece (and many others) do neither.

Good looking watches though

LUW said:
So its wrong to like hacking and hand-winding capabilities on a modern watch? :-[
Not wrong, but I think Paul's point is that lacking them does not make the movement any lesser - as attested that they've been around for decades virtually unchanged and still remain a very solid and popular movement choice. BTW, the 8200 caliber series does have hand winding. ;D
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