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jason_recliner said:
You read my mind John.

Double-tap to turn light on for as long as required. Double-tap to turn light off. It's nearly impossible to set timers in the sauna. :-[

Add this feature to a Gulfman and it's my perfect (indoor) sports watch.

I totally agree. My first g-shocks have opened my eyes to this, which has also become my pet peeve. 1 sec EL display just sucks. :-[
Casio, should change this. IMO.

I find my goto sports watch the Nike Oregon. I had trouble with finicky hatch for battery change. Its weird pressurized release which I stupidly messed up mine due to impatience and pryed it open. :( :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
But I love this watch, for any sport/workout activities I do. I'm also a big Lance Armstrong fan. Just wish I didn't butcher my watch. My ignorant pre wis enlightment stupidity. lol.
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