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Well the watch finally came in a few days ago. I was initially considering purchasing the watch from Japan as no one in the US seemed to have one, but I got lucky and someone answered my WTB post.

Overall, the watch is gorgeous. There are two things that I have noticed which I would consider "faults" or "defects." First on the satin dial itself, there is a minuscule line where the satin finish is not 100%. Almost looks like a very very slight and tiny scratch. However, it only becomes visible under a particular angle and someone has to really be paying attention to even notice it. The second problem, (not sure if I should call it a problem), but the links on the bracelet are very very close together and if the watch slides up and from your wrist down towards your forearm and then back, a few times its caught a hair or two. Kinda unexpected, but not a huge issue. Nonetheless, I am not really anal about these things and don't realy mind them much.

Now as far as the good about the watch. Well, other than the two little things that I mentioned, the watch is pretty amazing. The dial has a beautiful satin finish everywhere but the sweep of the power reserve which has a ribbed texture. I am not sure what the hour marks are made of (some kind of polished metal or maybe just plastic), but they are very shiny and really add a lot of contrast to the dark dial. The minute and hour hands are very elegant and have the same high-polished look which goes great against the dark background. I really like the long minute hand which extends well over the hour marks, just shy of the minute marks. The second hand is very unobtrusive and fits in very well, being very slender and different from the two other hands. While it is polished also, being so thin, it doesn't really jump out at you (which I really like). The power reserve hand and hour indicators again have that highly polished look which seemed to shimmer (by reflecting a lot of light) at different angles. When I was looking at the watch, I wasn't sure about the date being in the 9 position. However, it works really well with the PR being on the other side. Without the date being on the left, the left side would've been a bit empty. All in all, I was really happy with the dial work on the watch and really glad that I picked this one out.

As far as the bracelet and the case. The crown is located in the 4 position which I find very convenient. It doesn't jam into your wrist if the watch happens to be right up against your hand and you happened to bend it back. The bracelet, as mentioned before is very tight and looks great as it doesn't have any huge gaps. It is pretty comfortable, thought I can't say that I see much difference between this watch and a $120 Invicta that I have with a SS bracelet. The procedure for removing the links was incredibly easy using Orient's tool and requires nothing more than a gentle push on the pin by the tool. One small annoyance is that I would have preferred to have 4 links on one side and 7 on the other. However, 4 of the links are completely solid and I can't really do much about them. I a msure I will get used to it. But this is something I wish I could have done. There is a nice micro adjusting link right by the clasp. Overall the watch sits pretty nicely on my hand and I don't have any major complaints against it.

As for the movement, I haven't really kept watch over the exactness. However, the minute hands still appear to be in sync with my cell phone's minutes. So the accuracy can't be that far off. I have just noticed that the hands don't line up 100% at the 12-hour mark. But I've read about this before being an issue and not only on this particular watch, so I'm not coo concerned. The watch winds pretty well (this is not hand-wind). The first day I got it I basically wound it to full power and wearing it yesterday, by the end of the day the power reserve was back upto 40.

My biggest concern was buying this watch sight unseen; frankly I don't think I've ever met anyone with an Orient before. The biggest test for me was "would I still have bought this watch for the price that I paid if I saw it in a store", and the answer is definitely yes. While there are minor flaws or inconvenienced, this is not a Rolex, and I am not expecting it to be one. However, the watch met and beat many of my expectations and I am very happy with the purchase. (Actually it was from my gf, I just got to pick it out :)).


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