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Orient with IWC "pellaton" ;)

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For a while I've been semi-actively looking for one of these. This is apparently the first automatic watch from Orient, started in '61. A neat feature is that it has a winding system exactly looking like the "pellaton" system from iwc!

(Comparing the system from Seiko with the one stamped metal part, this one looks very over complicated)

Back cover with a lot of text.

The movement with "pellaton" like system.

It works perfecly, very large heavy rotor, you can "feel" it moving when you hold the watch.
Nice dial.

I like the scrolling typeface :) Not saying "Orient" is apparently normal. Some versions have "showerproof" on the dial ;)

The dial has a pattern of concentric lines on it, nice effect, but difficult to photograph.

Thick case.

Reading material, comparing an IWC caliber with the Orient etc.

Very happy with my IW.. ehhh Orient :)

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Wow. That is a beauty. Congrats and enjoy.

Very nice!, it does look very much like a modified 854 - but no great surprise, as Seiko and Citizen also seemed to have bought the rights to use Swiss designed movements in their early years.
I believe it's fairly common knowledge that Seiko went to Switzerland to acquire machines, movement rights and to study the Swiss watchmaking industry/processes, in the early years.
Posts like this one is why I love this forum ... And indeed a lovely watch!
Thanks and this is my favorite type of post: Informative, historical, plenty of good pictures, etc.
I am a long time Orient fan and now I am a jealous long time Orient fad
Thanks all :) I just need a nicer strap, this one is cheap and doesn't fit very good. I forgot to mention that this caliber is based on the "Royal" caliber from Orient. (well I read it in one of the linked stories above)

(one of these I think)
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