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This post is inspired by Mark. I hope you get your new grail You'll love the 300.

So here it goes

  • It started like this. Did you ever get that “Yesssss!” feeling when you open the watch box for the first time? Well this was IT. And you are right about those lugs. You can fit just about any strap on them. Total bliss.

    Then I wanted to try a little less classic…

    On a 22mm vintage brown

    On 22mm mat black

    24mm notched at 22 with a H18 negative pig buckle. This is now the permanent shoes for this one. Pure testosterone J Yeah!

    Then I had to go orange. Man this is like a punch of sun. Violent.
    I call her Sunshine

    Atomic lume. I’m just like a kid when It glows.

    So that was part one now for the second helping.

    This little one came by

    Then some enablers started a rumor about those becoming discontinued :(
    Arrgh Could they be right?? I was just getting used to the black one and my paypal was cooling down. :-[ Man… Oh the heck with it.
    Damn those enablers lol

    So came the Blue Revo

    Let me tell ya that the blue is more deep purple in the real life, amazing color. One of my best dial ever.

    And the pair

    By then I knew I had to finish the trinity.

    [move] O:) [/move]

    So here is the last one to get in. But it almost did not! The sender got it back from the Postal service, the outer box destroyed but his address was still on. Never underestimate the power of bubble wrap, the inside box and the watch stayed perfect. After letting me know about the mishap, the seller (Thanks Scott! ) was a total gentleman and sent it again EMS this time. The dude is A1!
    Anyway it finally got to my place and “shazam” Yellow Revolver

    To conclude I’ll say this: Ever since I got those Orient, I wear at least one every single day at least for a few hours. Basically every night after work I put on a 300.
    Those are really great pieces.

    Thanks for watching,

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Haha, Jeje, that is some fine orient there. I would do the same if I could too. 8)
Each one is great in there own right. But you have put together an awesome bunch without a doubt.
Good stuff, I love it when I'm not the only citrus nut. LOL.
Cheers, Dave.

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Jeje, I have this impression that you have a fancy for Orient divers...

Thian ... I'm having a hard time finding an Orient in that picture! :o
hehe...that Camaro Bumblebee sure is great , isn't it!!! hehehe!

What Orient?? What Camaro?!? [img]

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Jeje, nice collection! Thanks for sharing.

Thian's M word association is amazing! I remember seeing the picture posted in an earlier post. Thanks Thian for the mammaries . . . errrr I meant memories! :-[

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thianwong said:
Judging from the quality of my Orient G-Force, I am sure those 300m and 200m models are really great! So far, the G-Force fulfills all my needs for heavy tool watch from the Orient line :D




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8) Thats my good Buddy just showing off his stuff!!!!
LOVE IT JEJE.....Nice to see my friend,awesome collection.Just wish my Blue Revo had turned up.Another one is surely on the cards when i find one. ;) Heres my Yellows.

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